Great Golfing Travel Destinations

Golf is often romantically linked with travel to new and exotic destinations. If you asked anyone to picture a golf course in their mind, I bet many would imagine some beautiful course in a far off land. They would probably not think about the flat and uninspiring course down the road that can’t even keep its greens tidy. It is totally natural to romanticize the things that you love, and it is always a lot more fun putting your Bag Boy golf bag in a plane compartment than in the boot of your car.
In a similar way to surfing, golf can be approached almost like a religion. Just like a religion, golf too has its many dedicated followers who are willing to go on a kind of pilgrimage in order to play the game all around the world. Also like surfing, people go on holidays just to play golf, and that beautiful or famous golf course can become the destination of the holiday. This is rather unique among sports, as instead of just being something fun to do on a trip, golf can take over and become the essence of the holiday itself. For example, it is possible to rent out a holiday home in Spain that is located right on a golf course, so you can dedicate your entire vacation to your favourite recreation. It can get rather sunny out on those Andalucian courses however, so remember to pack your hat and your sunglasses.

There are a number of famous golfing destinations all around the world that you can travel to. Golf is played in all corners of the globe almost without exception. golf course One of the most obvious places to start would be the venues of the four great golf championship events. The PGA Championship, the Masters and the American Open are all played in the U.S.A, and if this kind of important historical course tour appeals to you, then you really need to get yourself a ticket to the States. The other well known course that is also part of the big four international competitions is located in the U.K, home of the Open Championship.

This route of visiting famous professional courses is just one of many that you could take, and there are lots of smaller and more exotic destinations out there for you to choose from instead. Many respected and retired golfers start to design and develop golf courses when they are not playing the game any more, and there are lots of professionally designed courses that may not be as well known as the big four, but are just as good.

One possible golfing destination if you can afford it is Dubai, a city that is changing the way that people think about golf courses. Just because the courses there may have a [2987] and a series of 18 holes, don’t think that they are like anything else you have seen on Earth. Many of the Dubai courses are nestled in with high rise apartment buildings and shopping malls, and offer a truly unique golfing experience. Most Asian holiday destinations have accessible golf courses as well, with many only minutes from the major hotels. Some of the bigger golf clubs even double as luxury hotels themselves, meaning that you can spend as much time out on the fairways as possible.

When looking for a golfing travel destination, you are going to be spoiled for choices. The hardest part of your trip may actually be deciding where to go in the first place. It truly is amazing to be a golfer as you can go practically anywhere in the world on your holiday, and there will probably be a golf course waiting for you when you get there.