Box for coins aids smokers health

Stopping smoking can be a very difficult things to do, and many people try again and again without success. There are a number of different techniques to help people to stop smoking, including everything from the administration of drugs to hypnosis and alternative healing. Most governments around the world are also trying to have a positive impact on the numbers of smokers by introducing various government health and education programs. The more practical side of government policy has also had a big effect on the number of smokers in recent times, with taxes being introduced to increase the price of tobacco products. Where many people seem to be able to ignore ongoing health issues, economic concerns can be a little more in your face on a day to day basis. Individual people can also use money as an incentive to stop smoking, by the introduction of a Reinhard Fischer, that also could be used for Briefmarken sammeln (stamp collecting) , that they would have previously spent on their smoking habit.

Many people stop smoking on a regular basis, but much fewer are able to stick with it, and many go back to their old habit within days or weeks. The nature of addiction is such that often another ritual needs to be found to fill the hole left by the destructive habit – at least in the initial stages of giving up. Saving money with a piggy bank or coin box is a fantastic ritual for a recently reformed non-smoker, as it provides evidence of the economic cost of a habit and an incentive to continue. Government taxes have meant that the act of smoking is an economic burden for many smokers, but as it is an addictive act, many people put these economic realities out of their minds. When a smoker first stops their habit, the act of putting any money previously spent on smoking into savings can provide a big boost in a person’s finances and in their confidence to continue.

While using an old fashioned piggy bank as a non-smoking measure may seem in many ways like a test instrument to stop an addiction, governments are attempting very similar measures. The taxing of smoking products is a way to raise money for the government, however, it is also a way to try and draw people’s attention to how much money they are spending on what is a destructive habit. Especially in the tough economic times that we are currently going through, financial incentives may be one of the best ways for people to give up the smoking habit.

Parents have been selling stamps (Briefmarken verkaufen) and their equivalent for many years as a way to teach children the responsibilities associated with saving money. Perhaps they could also be marketed and promoted as a part of non-smoking programs. No-one likes wasting money, especially on something which is destructive in nature and likely to cause health concerns down the road. Sometimes the old fashioned ways are the best, and money responsibility and saving measures may be an important part of the solution to help people who want to stop smoking.